Andrew Kayser


Andy Kayser

Andy Kayser

Assistant Professor in Residence
Neurology Department
University of California, San Francisco





Email: [email protected]


UCSF Sandler Neurosciences Center
Box 0444
675 Nelson Rising Lane, Room 410
San Francisco, CA. 94158

Our ability to make rapid decisions based on changing external and internal circumstances belies the complexity of the underlying computations. In our laboratory, we seek to understand learning and decision-making processes in people by using functional MRIs to image subjects as they perform tasks of varying levels of complexity. We investigate paradigms in which subjects make perceptual decisions based on random dot motion, as well as classification decisions in which subjects must learn higher-order stimulus-response associations based on feedback/reward. As an adjunct to this work, we are developing multivariate methods to investigate the interactions between brain regions important to performance. By running parallel projects in subjects with substance use disorders, we hope to identify the brain markers of the impaired decision-making seen in addiction, as well as to develop and test potential therapies.